What is PeriO'ds? 

PeriO’ds isn’t just a cereal. It’s a call to action. While we do sell a cereal (yes, each box comes with its very own 3D printed uterus dispensing red food dye to splash into your cereal bowl), we are focused on deconstructing the menstrual taboo. So get your t-shirt, period positive sticker, beach towel or poster, and break the stigmatization of periods! Or crunch the patriarchy with a PeriO’ds cereal box sleeve, and help create a more inclusive world!  

Get Your Daily Dose of Activism! Featured Items:

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Email periodscereal@gmail.com for a box or check out our teespring page here!


Here are easy ways to break this menstrual taboo and work toward gender equity:

1. Learn what actually happens when a menstruator is on their period! Know facts about periods, period products and period medical problems and spread these facts!

2. Talk freely and openly about periods with others, regardless of their age, gender or sexuality.

3. Call out Period Haters! You hear someone saying "she's so moody, she's probably on her period." RESPOND!

4.Use the word menstruator as opposed to woman or girl when referring to menstruators. Remember, not all menstruators are women. 

5. Be open to hearing menstruators' stories and perspectives (and complaints!). 

6. If you are a menstruator and your period comes, don't feel the need to hide your tampon or pad as you walk to the bathroom.

7. Know whom to contact at your workplace, school, or business if people are treating menstruators as less than non-menstruators. 

8. Advocate for period positive policies. Tampons, pads and other period products are ESSENTIAL, and therefore should be free, let alone not taxed, to menstruators EVERYWHERE. 

PS. The Menstrual Manifesto can also be found on the PeriO'ds Cereal Box!

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Our Story

What do you get when you cross a Serial Entrepreneur, a designer, a Period Activist and a whole lot of frustration with the way in which our society treats menstruators? You guessed it: PeriOd’s.


After the 2016 election and #MeToo, the three of us were stir crazy, wanting to give back to the community we felt was falling apart.


After brainstorming, we came up with PeriOds- a Cereal that donates menstrual products to those who struggle affording that pack of tampons each month. Because we believe that period products should be a right, not a privilege. 


All Donations will go towards the PERIOD. THE MENSTRUAL MOVEMENT